It is a SAAS-based controlled communication tool for enterprises that is operatable on the web, mobile, and desktop.  

what is Hashmeeting?

As a company, whether you want to hear, see, and communicate in HD quality with your employees through an app, Hashmeeting is the ultimate choice. You can do audio and video calling without any distortion in voice and video. The screen sharing feature is also available in Hashmeeting. Further, it offers a next-level control command over employees through an ERP system. For example, you can listen to and monitor them, and they will not be able to get an idea whether someone supervises them or not. 

what is Hashmeeting?

Project summary

Hashmeeting is an excellent app that implements effective real-time changes in developing your large-scale organization. It creates a systematic hierarchy in managing your employees. This is a super-mega project for top-class companies developed by Hashlogics.   

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