Our Portfolio



Every investor wants to determine the value of their assets in the present age to stabilize their Finance very efficiently. For achieving this goal, we have developed an excellent app, Hedgehog. It assists investors to take a deep analysis of the current stock’s valuable data by enhancing its availability.

Baby ape Social Club

It is a social community consisting of 5000 baby apes residing on the DAB island. With the adaptation of the Solana, it is an outstanding competitor of Bored apes present on the Ethereum chain. From staking to parties, everything happens on DAB.  


Do you have your own vehicle? FIKZ is your ultimate choice to install on your mobile phones which keeps your car functional without any issues.


Wagmi is the ultimate tool if you are interested in the world of NFT collections. As a user, you can only sign-up on this website with its specific collections.


It is an outstanding app by Hashlogics to help you in enhancing your sales potential. First of all, it gives an opportunity to become a merchant by entering correct information related to his company.


USDT is a project of Web 3.0 in which the main framework, JavaScript, Tailment, and React, are used. Further, Node.js and Mongo DB are leading technologies used in its development.

Hire in metaverse

A leading platform that has the capability to assist recruiters and job seekers simultaneously. With a single click, you are able to fulfill your needs to get a job or hire developers without facing any hurdles.


For offering a crazy trip full of entertainment to your pet and toddlers, Strodle is the ultimate choice for those people who are not willing to buy their own stroller.


It is a SAAS-based controlled communication tool for enterprises that is operatable on the web, mobile, and desktop.  

My Packing Box

One of the outstanding E-Commerce platforms, it provides robust services with its proficient functionalities.