An incredible platform developed with modern technologies that allow its users to have specific NFT collections to grab massive advantages. 

What is Wagmi?


What is Wagmi?

Wagmi is the ultimate tool if you are interested in the world of NFT collections. As a user, you can only sign-up on this website with its specific collections. Through its merchandise feature, users get an opportunity to purchase exclusive items of certain merch. 

The more time you spend on Wagmi, the greater your chances to redeem your points and earn fantastic rewards with account upgradation. From Staking to Community, everything is possible with this robust website. 

For example, users have the capability to know about the Community stats of Top Stakers, trending users, and NFTs that are already staked in that collection through Wagmi. 


Project Summary

Hashlogics is the Developer of wagmi. Our subject matter experts utilize critical approaches in its development. In front-end development, Next.js, React, Mantine, and Tailwind CSS are used. On the other hand, Node.js and Express are selected for the back-end. Next, for NFT staking, the Solana blockchain is used which is the fastest blockchain and the main hallmark of Wagmi.