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Crafting intuitive experiences for mobile users.

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When to Hire a Freelance Bubble Developer Vs. Bubble.io Agency

January 29, 2024


With the rising popularity of Bubble among startup founders and business owners, an increasing number of proficient developers are entering the market. You can hire freelance Bubble developers from various freelance sites, such as Upwork or Fiver. Additionally, there are numerous Bubble agencies, with many of them listed on Bubble’s partner agencies page. 

Many business owners believe that hiring a single Bubble developer is a more cost-effective approach for their Bubble projects compared to hiring an entire team or a Bubble.io web design agency. 

However, in some cases, it has been observed that hiring a Bubble.io no-code developer might be less beneficial compared to choosing a well-experienced Bubble.io agency.

To assist you in deciding whether to hire Bubble developers or an agency to build your app, we’ve prepared a brief overview. It outlines the services each offers, the situations where businesses usually prefer one over the other, and provides guidance on evaluating both options.

Freelance Bubble Developers Versus Bubble.io Agencies

Agencies provide high-quality assurance and comprehensive guidance throughout the project, from start to end. On the other hand, freelancers offer more budget-friendly options. Nevertheless, the decision between the two also involves several other factors based on the unique needs of businesses. 

To assist in your decision-making process, let’s explore the primary differences between the two.

Bubble.io Agencies 

An agency is a group of skilled professionals with diverse and specific expertise, managed within a structured system. This system encompasses formalized processes, formats, and tools used to complete client projects. Agencies provide resources to their employees and assign them specific tasks to work on.

Benefits Offered by Bubble Agencies

Efficient Processes, Resources, and Internal Tools:

When working with Bubble Agency, you can expect a consistent and organized process from start to finish, encompassing development, QA, review, etc. Teams operate in a well-coordinated and organized manner, which enables them to operate smoothly. Utilizing their extensive project experience, agencies incorporate best practices and continually enhance their workflows.

Moreover, Agencies have a team and abundant resources to effectively carry out projects. They can complete tasks rapidly and thoroughly as they have their own internal tools and resources.

Consistent Skills and Output:

Through an official hiring and vetting process, agencies build a team with a diverse set of skills. This team is well-equipped to handle all your development requirements. When one team manages every part of your project using strict processes, the final results tend to be consistent and well-polished.

Additionally, it is notable that you will receive valuable business advice due to the extensive industry knowledge available within an agency. 

Diverse Expertise:

Agencies can do more as they have a large team with diverse skills in various parts of the software development process. Each team member specializes in a specific phase of creating your product so you don’t have to search for additional expertise or rely on one person to handle multiple roles. 

Reliability and Accessibility Assurance:

As agencies consist of many people, they naturally offer greater scalability and resilience. Unlike an individual, an agency is less likely to walk away or leave unexpectedly. Being an established business, an agency tends to be more professional. They are more committed to completing projects and are likely to remain available for updates and adjustments even for more than six months after the initial work.

In addition, if a developer or a team member needs to step aside, another team member can take over. 

Disadvantages of Bubble Agency 

  • Working with an agency is usually expensive
  • Agencies have multiple clients and operate with various teams using a strict standard process that might not be changed easily and quickly.

When to Hire a Bubble Agency? 

Bubble is an excellent choice if you are non-technical and software development is new to you. They handle every aspect using their resources, guiding you through the entire process with less time investment from your side. 

You should hire an agency when: 

  • Your budget is medium or high. 
  • You need ongoing service support. 
  • Your project is complex with multiple phases. 
  • Your project requires diverse expertise. 
  • You have little to no experience in software development. 
  • You need quick, high-quality product delivery to meet a deadline.

Freelance Bubble.io Developers

Freelance developers are self-employed professionals engaged in contractual work with different companies. They possess specific individual skills acquired over time. 

It’s important to highlight that freelancers may present inconsistent quality since the talent pool includes both highly skilled individuals and less experienced individuals. When hiring freelancers, you might get top-tier talent who may prefer to work independently. On the other hand, there’s also a risk of selecting less experienced individuals who might struggle to secure a position at an agency.

Benefits Offered by Freelance Bubble Developers 

Cost-Effective and Flexible Services: Hiring a freelance Bubble developer is more cost-effective as you are only paying an individual instead of an entire time. Moreover, if you don’t need a full package of services, freelancers provide the flexibility to create a custom team personalized to your specific needs.

Increased Flexibility and Customizability: Freelancers have the autonomy to set their projects, schedules, and priorities. When working with a freelancer, you can collectively modify the project to align with your specific needs. As an individual contributor, freelancers can easily fit into your existing operating systems, workflows, and teams.

Specialized Expertise: Freelancers often specialize in a specific field or skill, making them well-suited for handling specific, targeted aspects of a project. Many professionals choose freelancing due to their proficiency in a particular niche skill set. 

Trial Before Commitment: Freelancers, independent individuals not tied to a specific company or agency, offer the option to integrate them into your team permanently if their services meet your satisfaction. In contrast, agencies typically have clauses preventing direct hiring or buy-out options in their contracts.

Disadvantages of Freelancers 

Reliability: Freelancers may face situations that lead them to leave your project unexpectedly. Their non-binding commitment leaves you with limited options in case of project failure.

Resource Constraints: Freelancers can take longer to meet the expected deadline due to limited resources and time.

 Skills Diversity: Freelances specialize in specific areas, they may not have the expertise to handle unexpected challenges that may arise across various aspects of the project. 

When to Hire a Bubble Developer? 

Freelancers can be a suitable choice for you if you have experience in software development and time to plan, design, and manage your product’s development. 

You should hire a freelance Bubble developer when: 

  • You have a limited budget. 
  • Your project is small. 
  • You want more control and active participation. 
  • You have the time and technical expertise to oversee the tasks of the freelancer. 
  • You want specific and customized services.

How to Choose the Right Bubble Developer? 

Whether you choose a Bubble developer or a Bubble agency, you need to consider some factors while assessing potential partners. These factors include: 

  • Evaluate their portfolio. 
  • Explore client satisfaction through testimonials. 
  • Understand their approach or process in handling projects. 
  • Their way of Communication.

If you are specifically looking for Bubble agencies, we suggest you pay close attention to the following criteria: 

  • Check the agency size. 
  • The number of projects they worked on. 
  • Relevant portfolio. 
  • Examine Client reviews and testimonials. 
  • Assess the agency’s methodology for project development. 

In search of a Bubble.io Developer for Your App Development Needs? 

Ready to create a custom app on Bubble, but want a fast launch without worrying about budget or deadlines? Hashlogics is here to assist. 

As the leading Bubble agency, we have a proven track record of building various intricate, production-grade Bubble apps. Whether you’re a non-technical entrepreneur, a fast-growing startup, or a Fortune 500 enterprise, we’ve got you covered.

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Check out our comprehensive blog post on “What is Bubble.io? A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners” to gain valuable insights and explore how this powerful platform can revolutionize your app development journey.

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