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Crafting intuitive experiences for mobile users.

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What Type of Apps You Can Build with Bubble.io in 2024

Written by

Jannat Azam

January 29, 2024


In recent years, the no-code space has experienced remarkable growth, sparking the curiosity of entrepreneurs and business owners who are eager to explore the diverse range of apps built on Bubble. 

If you’ve been thinking about whether Bubble is a perfect match for your product or startup idea, the answer is likely yes. Bubble is a powerful no-code development platform that allows you to build and create web applications without writing code.
Bubble is an exciting technology that revolutionizes the way we interact with data. To read more about Bubble, check out our article on “What is Bubble.io? A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners.”

This blog post highlights a range of apps you can build with Bubble, including niche marketplaces, industry-specific job boards, and efficient booking systems. Let’s explore each of them in detail.


Marketplace apps make it easier for buyers and sellers to connect, making transactions more convenient and efficient. 

With no-code platforms like Bubble, you can easily create smaller, specialized versions of a marketplace. It includes all the essential features necessary for a successful marketplace, such as integration with payment gateways, setting up user profiles, enabling reviews, and advanced search functions. 

A Marketplace app Built with Bubble: 

TicketRev: An event ticket marketplace that allows fans to submit bids for event tickets at their desired price and seating location, providing sellers the option to accept the bid and sell their tickets right away. 

A Marketplace app Built with Bubble

Why Bubble is the Ideal Choice for Building Marketplaces?

Bubble provides flexibility for customizing your marketplace, both in functionality and appearance. With the variety of plugins and useful integrations available, you can effortlessly enhance your marketplace’s capabilities. For example, integrating payment gateways such as Stripe Connect ensures safe transactions.

Marketplaces mainly focus on desktop users, aligning with Bubble’s capabilities. All element’s properties are optimized for desktop functionality, improving the user experience.

Bubble provides numerous templates for marketplaces, eliminating the need to begin your project from scratch. You can use a pre-tested design as your foundation, enhancing efficiency in the development process.

Troubleshooting Best Practices 

Handling Complex Transactions:

Managing transactions in a marketplace can be complex as there are different parties involved, like sellers, buyers, app owners, and payment processors. It’s crucial to distribute funds accurately among them, considering various charges. Make sure you understand both Bubble and your chosen payment processor. Particularly focus on developer logs as they provide detailed transaction responses and show important details like the identities of the seller and buyer, the transaction amount, the recipient, and whether the transaction was successful. It will give you confidence in processing payments correctly.

User Roles and Functions:

In most marketplaces, different users have specific roles, such as sellers or buyers. To handle this, assign unique roles to users in your database using an option set. Use user conditionals in your workflows to determine what actions or features are accessible based on the user’s role. For effective testing, use clear email addresses that identify the user’s role. For instance, adding “seller” or “buyer” to the email address helps in identifying roles during testing. Like [email protected], [email protected], etc. This method minimizes confusion and ensures that the right functionalities are assigned to the respective user roles.

Job Boards 

Job boards are online platforms that allow companies to post job openings and job seekers to submit their applications for specific job positions. Some well-known job boards are Indeed and LinkedIn. No-code development is ideal for building smaller versions, like niche or company-specific job boards. 

Niche job boards focus on specific job categories or industries, making them ideal for job seekers looking for opportunities in a particular field. While, companies looking to showcase their unique culture, values, and job opportunities can create their own company-specific job board.

Job Boards built with Bubble.io Example:

Workello: A skill-testing platform designed to help companies quickly and efficiently identify and hire the top 1% of their writer applicants. 

Ten: A niche job board that connects event producers with proficient technicians in the event production industry. 

Why Bubble Excels in Building Job Boards?

With Bubble, you can easily create job boards that reflect your brand’s identity. The platform offers numerous customization options, allowing users to use different color schemes, styles, and animations. The CSS-friendly environment of Bubble makes the design process smooth and simple.

Bubble offers advanced search capabilities. You can set various search parameters like job title, salary range, employer, publication date, location, and much more. By applying the right logic, you can customize your job board’s search feature to be as specific and detailed as needed. 

Bubble allows you to incorporate interactive notifications and alerts. You can set up automated notifications for different events, such as new job postings or job matches. Users can receive these notifications through email, SMS, or their preferred communication channels. This feature helps job seekers stay updated on relevant opportunities, increasing successful connections between candidates and employers.

Troubleshooting Best Practices 

To avoid repeating the same search, create a “hidden variable” within a popup, that can keep track of all the results of the specific data type. It facilitates updating or modifying the search logic, which can be executed in a centralized manner. 

Booking and Appointment Apps

The application is versatile, catering to various services from medical practices and beauty salons to personal trainers and consultants. Using this app, users can pick their preferred service provider, select a desired date and time for their appointment, finalize the booking, and securely pay through the app’s payment gateway. A booking confirmation is sent to the users containing all the information. Meanwhile, professionals can manage their availability, receive bookings, and coordinate with their clients through the app. 

Bubble.io allows you to customize your system to meet the specific demands of various industries. You can create an app with a user-friendly interface and useful integrations like Google Calendar and Payment Gateways. Moreover, it can also incorporate email notifications. These platforms make communication and scheduling efficient for smooth operations.

An Example of Booking and Appointment App: 

Maid Manage: Using this app, clients can easily schedule appointments with their preferred maids, and workers can efficiently handle their upcoming jobs and appointments.  

Why Bubble.io Excels in Building Booking and Appointment Apps?

With Bubble, you have the freedom to design your scheduling system exactly as you envision. Whether you’re starting from scratch with calendars or integrating services like Google or Outlook Calendar, Bubble provides the flexibility you need.  The user-friendly interface simplifies the process, and you can automate email notifications to help users remember their appointments.

A notable feature of Bubble is that it seamlessly manages different time zones, ensuring that reserved slots align accurately across various locations and avoiding any confusion. The customization options for the calendar are extensive, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. Additionally, you can integrate waitlists for fully booked events or dates.

Troubleshooting Best Practices

When dealing with calendars in Bubble, you might notice that the default appearance isn’t very customizable or flexible. If you want to customize it, you’ll need to use a bit of coding. You can check out the Bubble community forum or ask ChatGPT for help in tweaking the code so you can personalize your calendar and make it just the way you want it.

Budgeting and Finance App 

Budgeting and personal finance apps play an important role in helping individuals make informed decisions about their money. These applications track your spending, create budgets, and analyze investments. With Bubble, you can create user-friendly apps, allowing individuals to gain insights into their spending, set financial goals, and more.

Apps built on Bubble assist users to create and manage their budgets and financial goals.  Users can link their bank accounts to get their zero-based budget and financial objectives. Additionally, the app serves as a social platform that creates a community where users, especially millennials and Gen Z, can connect, ask questions, and share financial achievements.

Why Building Finance Apps with Bubble is a Suitable Choice? 

Bubble is an ideal platform for creating budgeting and personal finance apps. It seamlessly integrates with payment platforms and APIs. The extensive plugin marketplace offers various tools like dynamic charts and graphs for improved user experience and insights into financial data. 

Bubble prioritizes security and encryption of sensitive financial information, including credit card and bank account details.

Why Building Finance Apps with Bubble is a Suitable Choice

Troubleshooting Best Practices

When dealing with multiple or complex calculations, and if you plan to reuse specific data, it’s advisable to use hidden variables for storage. For instance, if your monthly income is consistently the sum of four elements, rather than repeatedly calculating this sum, designate a specific group to store the computed value for quick reference. It is beneficial for breaking down complex equations into simpler parts. By assigning meaningful names within dedicated groups, you can improve code readability and keep things organized. This practice not only simplifies troubleshooting but also facilitates the maintenance of your app’s calculations.

Educational Apps 

E-learning platforms have revolutionized how we share and learn knowledge. These platforms provide a digital space where users can access courses, interact with videos and other content, join discussions, and monitor their progress.

Bubble allows you to create interactive quizzes, connect with video platforms, and add fun elements like badges and points to make learning more engaging.

Example of E-Learning Platform 

Remote Quiz: A social remote learning platform designed for K-12 students. With the remote quiz app, teachers, students, and parents can create quizzes using customizable templates or by adding their own images or multimedia. These quizzes can instantly be shared with students through communication tools like Zoom. 

Why Bubble is an Ideal Choice to Build an E-Learning Platform? 

Bubble provides a robust database system that enables progress tracking, giving awards, and storage of multimedia, like videos. It can smoothly handle data, even with large amounts of data, making it ideal for hosting a variety of learning materials. You can easily upload audio and video files on famous platforms like YouTube. Moreover, you can add interactive elements like sliders.

Troubleshooting Best Practices

When setting up a user progress tracking system, it is important to confirm that data is recorded accurately. Double-check your workflows and database connections to make sure that completed modules or lessons are updated correctly.  

When setting up a user progress tracking system, it is important to confirm that data is recorded accurately. Double-check your workflows and database connections to make sure that completed modules or lessons are updated correctly.  

Jannat Azam
Copy Writer at Hashlogics
A technical content writer, transforms intricate concepts into engaging narratives. With a passion for technology and a talent for clear communication, she simplifies complex topics for all readers. Join her on a journey through the digital realm, where every word sparks understanding and curiosity.

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