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Crafting intuitive experiences for mobile users.

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Hashlogics offers comprehensive QA outsourcing services, taking charge of the entire quality assurance process

Hashlogics' QA consultants drive QA process excellence and efficiency.

Hashlogics excels in website performance testing, encompassing critical aspects like capacity planning

Our Usability Testing Services guarantee the reliability, and steadfast stability of your product.

We offers test IO's usability testing service, providing invaluable insights into your software's user perspective.

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Hashlogics Is A Recognized Software Testing Services Company

Our Functional Testing services meticulously validate that every aspect of your software application aligns seamlessly with its behavioral requirement specifications. This rigorous verification ensures not only behavioral adherence but also elevates overall software quality.

What is Quality Assurance in Software Testing?

Written by

Jannat Azam

April 16, 2024


Software quality assurance is important throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). With the constant demand for software applications, it is important to ensure they meet desired standards before launch.

Quality assurance and testing are critical components that can determine the business’s success and failure. Regardless of the industry, sector, or products/services offered, every organization depends on quality assurance and testing to deliver safe, functional, and high-quality goods, which is evident in the software development field.

Implementing rigorous quality assurance protocols throughout the quality assurance software development phase is the most effective method to ensure the delivery of reliable, high-quality software products by a company.

What is QA In Software Development?

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a process that ensures that all software engineering procedures, methods, activities, and deliverables are systematically monitored and adhere to defined standards. These standards may include various frameworks such as ISO 9000, the CMMI model, ISO15504, and others.

Quality assurance focuses on identifying and maintaining specific requirements for developing dependable products. Many companies choose to hire third-party QA outsourcing providers to manage this aspect during software development.

The objective of software quality assurance processes is to ensure that the final product aligns with clients’ expectations and requirements. Professionals work throughout the development process and the entire Software Development Life Cycle, which allows them to create a proactive approach that emphasizes defect detection, necessary corrections, and future prevention for ongoing improvements in software development.

For a detailed explanation of the software quality assurance process, take a look at our blog post titled “How Does Software QA Work?

What are the Differences Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are different yet closely related concepts. Quality assurance checks that a product or service complies with certain quality standards and functions as intended, whereas quality control focuses on ensuring that the product or service is produced in alignment with these standards. It involves conducting inspections during or after production to validate compliance with certain criteria.

Gain a better understanding of Quality Assurance and Quality Control by reading our detailed blog post, “Quality Assurance vs Quality Control: Exploring the Contrast.

Is Quality Assurance the Same as Testing? 

In software development, quality assurance and testing are often used interchangeably. However, they are different processes. While both have the common objective of delivering software that adheres to quality standards and fulfills essential requirements, they still differ in execution and focus.

One of the common misconceptions in software projects is that quality and quality assurance are exactly the same thing as testing, which is not accurate. Quality includes a broader scope, including the quality of an organization’s processes, personnel, training, systems, and culture.

Software testing is the process of identifying bugs, defects, and errors within software systems. Testers rigorously apply various testing methodologies to assess the software’s functionality and identify any issues that require resolution before release to clients or the public. It is important to note that testers solely focus on identifying problems and do not take the responsibility of fixing them. While software testing is an important part of the quality control process, its primary focus remains on product-oriented tasks rather than holistic quality assurance.

How Do Quality Assurance Teams Determine Quality?

Two main approaches to quality assurance are the quality attributes approach and the defect management approach.

Defect management involves tracking defects and categorizing them based on severity. Quality assurance professionals use control charts to assess the development team’s performance. A defect refers to any element of the software that is not aligned with the customer’s requirements. Misunderstanding or incomplete comprehension of requirements by developers often leads to errors during development. Other issues include improper logic, inadequate data handling, and buggy code.

The main characteristics to assess product quality are:


QA professionals evaluate the software’s performance under specific conditions to assess its failure rate and figure out the recovery time to full operational status after a failure.


QA teams verify the appropriateness and correctness of the software’s functions. They also assess the interaction between the software under test and other system components. Additionally, they evaluate data security and compliance with mandatory guidelines and regulations.


The quality assurance team makes sure that the development team follows good coding practices during software development to enhance efficiency in software architecture.


It is essential for users to easily understand the software’s functions. If understanding the software requires excessive effort or is impossible, it fails QA standards.


Software should be able to make changes in its environment and offer easy installation and replacement of system components within specific environments.

Why You Should Hire a Software QA Consultant in Software Development?

Some companies choose to focus on defect testing and neglect the implementation of a comprehensive quality assurance process in their development projects. However, this approach is a significant oversight. Quality assurance in software development plays an important role in the software development process as it ensures that the final product meets the highest standards of quality.

Quality Assurance software offers numerous benefits for companies, such as improving their reputation and credibility, increasing customer confidence in their products, and enhancing workflow efficiency. Moreover, robust QA practices and an experienced quality assurance team are necessary for delivering flawless products, which is important for staying competitive in the market.

At Hashlogics, we provide the best software development and software QA consulting services, supported by a dedicated team of quality assurance engineers. Our professionals ensure that all deliverables meet the highest quality standards using best practices and advanced quality assurance technology. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve exceptional quality results.

Author Bio

Jannat Azam
Copy Writer at Hashlogics
A technical content writer, transforms intricate concepts into engaging narratives. With a passion for technology and a talent for clear communication, she simplifies complex topics for all readers. Join her on a journey through the digital realm, where every word sparks understanding and curiosity.

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