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Crafting intuitive experiences for mobile users.

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Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain Platform in the Banking Sector

May 27, 2022


Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain Platform in the Banking Sector

The blockchain platform is now revolutionizing every industry. With the help of blockchain development services, changing the operations of our financial world is possible. It has the potential to disrupt the working parameters of industries. Blockchain app development services are perceived as one of the most secured fast and reliable platforms. It has the ability to deliver novel solutions in the banking sector with the belief that a shared electronic ledger will help them cut costs and increase transparency.

Due to the decentralization, blockchain is considered the immune platform for the banking and financing sector. Immutability is one of the core features rendered by blockchain technology. Even the most prudent hacker cannot alter blockchain records because it is not possible to hack into thousands of computers.

There will be a time when everything will be tokenized and connected by blockchain applications.

In this article, we will analyze various distinct characteristics of blockchain that provide chances to redefine consumer banking experiences. So check blockchain applications in banking that transform the following processes:

Benefits of Using the Blockchain in the Banking and Finance Industry

Blockchain development services have brought an upheaval in the banking and finance sector. Let’s explore some of them.

● Instant Settlements

Blockchain can perform transactions in minutes or seconds, with its advanced ledger technology and consensus algorithms. The main reason for the fast transaction is that currently, blockchain has removed the role of a middleman in transaction processes.

With the decentralized Blockchain, settlements become user-optimized, which will save a significant amount of time and money, for both parties involved. Therefore, banks have an important drive to explore Blockchain for improving settlements and some banks explore internal options first, while others explore options between banks first.

● Improve Capital Optimization

The blockchain platform offers better capital optimization while reducing significant bank operations costs. Banks use mediatory bodies to secure transaction processes but blockchain eliminates this role which resultantly decreases operation costs and optimizes capital. Since all participating banks share the costs, the reduction in costs is significant.

● Reduce Counterparty Risks

The decentralized exchange system removes the role of third-party access when transactions are settled. It eliminates a significant part of the risk that the counterparty cannot meet its obligations.

● Increased Transparency

The blockchain platform has the most strong consensus mechanism which ensures transparency in the transaction processes. As a result, bank owners tend to involve blockchain in their banks.

● Reduced Errors

Blockchain is based on immutable and faster end-to-end encrypted transaction models which prevent third-party access to transaction records. Data recorded in the blockchain can not be accessed by a third person.

How Blockchain Can Refine Consumer Banking Experience

Blockchain has the potential to influence the banking sector with its enticing features and algorithms. The list of some of the useful practices is given below.

● Customer Identity and Onboarding Management

A complete thorough process of customer checking from different aspects such as the anti-money laundering blockchain ensures all these steps with a faster transparent verification process. Blockchain protects the sensitive data of customers and facilitates a smooth onboarding process.

For onboarding or account opening, blockchain-based technology by using its distributed ledger system enables customers to use a digital fingerprint, which, like an actual fingerprint, can be used as a unique identifier.

● Smart Contract Management

Blockchain has an effective mechanism to hold smart contracts, often known as self-executing contracts. Smart contracts have a very impactful role in defining terms of trade between two parties. They include the terms and conditions of the agreement. Furthermore, when specific events occur, such as reaching the expiration date or dealing with a specific strike price, the built-in guidelines are automatically enforced.

● Payments

Blockchain performs cross-border payments with correspondent authorities and necessitates the use of a secure central counterparty that supports efficient transfers. If banks perform these functions, the transaction administrative costs rise due to manual intervention, and the involvement of third-party organizations also cause security risks. Payment transactions can be simplified and accelerated using blockchain technology, resulting in faster and more accurate settlements and cost savings. Thus, banks must either collaborate with blockchain to perform international payments faster or construct a backbone network to sustain worldwide expenditures for banks and client fees.

● Fraud Prevention

Blockchain uses KYC protocols, the critical tools in the battle against fraud. The client’s transaction record is secured in the end to end the chain of blocks. These blocks cannot be accessible to any third person. Only two transaction authorities can see the data which can prevent any fraud in the transaction process. The transaction record cannot be deleted or modified once is stored in the blocks of chains. Thus, reducing the risk of fraudulent access to the record.

● Clearing and Settlement

The blockchain is a technology that facilitates trust and truth between trading partners. It has the ability to enable all participants to have access to the same version of the truth that brings clear transactions. The primary advantages of adopting blockchain in your banking sector are reduced latency, increased transaction visibility, and transparency.

Concluding Thought

These people living around the world stand to benefit from financial inclusion through the advent of blockchain. The upheaval caused by blockchain facilitates minimum costs, lower risks, and less verification for transactions making it more optimal than banks.

Hashlogics is a blockchain development company that develops and delivers blockchain-powered banking platforms tailored exclusively to the banking industry. We provide blockchain development services intended to facilitate blockchain implementation across multiple business processes, assisting banks in lowering costs, reducing effort, and achieving near real-time processing capabilities.

Copy Writer at Hashlogics

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