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Crafting intuitive experiences for mobile users.

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Top 5 Biggest Challenges Faced by Defi Dapp Solutions

October 4, 2022


Top 5 Biggest Challenges Faced by Defi Dapp Solutions

In recent years, the rapid growth of Defi dApp development has come into existence. The focus of people has been constantly shifting from banks to the Defi world. It helps to eliminate the role of intermediary that further reduces the cost. Next, you can get loans through Defi very quickly and offer loans for gaining high-level interest.

On the other hand, Defi has some associated risks that put the passion of people for Defi a little bit challenging. A number of scams under the name of Defi have happened. According to a research report, 10 billion dollars has lost in 2021 through DeFi dApp solutions.

If you are eager to exert your feet into Defi space, you must know the challenges faced by Defi users to overcome them. In this guide, we’ll let you know the top 5 dApp development challenges and a dapps development company.

So let us get started!

Unstable Liquidity

For the establishment of competitive prices in the financial world, liquidity plays a vital role. Due to congestion and scalability problems, low liquidity has been violating the Defi scenario tremendously. Most liquidity providers fail to keep a specific liquidity price among sellers.

Offering the facility of liquidity pools can solve this inconsistency. Through these pools, you can deposit your tokens in the pools. Whenever trading activities will happen, your rewards will automatically generate. However, it depends upon the activities taken by token holders to endeavor revenue streams.

DEX aggregators are one of the DeFi dApp solutions for stabilizing liquidity. It offers the best liquidity values to the users with the bundle of trading opportunities. With the integration of the Defi 2.0 protocol, your Defi assets get the advantage of maintaining liquidity.

So with these tactics of achieving better liquidity, you can avoid the Defi liquidity challenge and can get more benefits through Defi than ever before.

High Transaction Cost

A report on data analytics has proved that 214 Defi projects are based on Ethereum and the total is 237. With this massive expansion of the Ethereum chain into the Defi, the transaction cost has been increasing daily.

For instance, if you want to do a transaction, you need to pay $300 on average as a fee. It has been happening with the huge user base who utilize the Ethereum network for the Defi platform.

If you adopt a new platform from the Defi dApp development services, such as Solana or visa, you can lower the transaction cost.

Complex Usability

If we talk about the user experience of Defi protocols, it is not as far as good. Let us suppose, you are a new user of Decentralized finance and not competent enough to understand technicalities.

In this way, its complex interface contains a lot of confusion. You will not able to perform the right task due to its complexity.

For presenting better Defi dApp solutions, developers and designers should work on user experience. If developers make it easy to understand for an expert to a lay person, Defi can grab a massive audience itself.


Undoubtedly, Defi has been taking the world by storm with the help of its various features. However, its irregularity point is constantly underestimating the value of decentralized finance.

For instance, whenever a Defi initiative comes into existence, its licensing for all Defi is not legal. Most Defi users are not aware of its taxation.

Furthermore, it is comprised of Defi protocols with smart contracts that are coded with a specific language. A minor mistake in coding can disturb the whole system and prove hazardous for the users.

As a result, the Defi policymakers should pay a lot of attention to quickly fixing this irregularity issue.

Ununified System

It is a fact that the DeFi Dapp development services company is present everywhere to offer DeFi dApp solutions. Everyone tends to utilize Defi for different purposes, from lending to the insurance industry.

However, the rules and regulations of finance are different in every country. On the other hand, most states have already banned the trade through Defi. As a result, when any regulatory body tries to create a unified Defi system, it fails to achieve this goal.

If the administrators of Defi will unite the whole system of Decentralized finance around the globe, this challenge can easily tackle.

A Way Forward

Defi dApp solutions have been integrated into this innovative world. Its growth chances have been becoming double due to its exciting features.

However, its challenges also need the attention of the Defi developers. If they set all these challenges very carefully, Defi can become the leading point for all the traders to grab earning and borrowing opportunities.

If you are also interested in building Dapp, we are a dApps development company to offer its services worldwide. Just book a free consultation call with Hashlogics to discuss your project requirements and get it done promptly.

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