Baby ape social club

It is a social community consisting of 5000 baby apes residing on the DAB island. With the adaptation of the Solana, it is an outstanding competitor of Bored apes present on the Ethereum chain. From staking to parties, everything happens on DAB.  




Evolution has been going to occur on the DAB island by the Baby apes social club. Micho Toshi is a current screenwriter/NFT storyteller and a former Hollywood executive who is the founder of this social club. All apes of this club were minted within 7 minutes. You can check the map to know about the future plan for expanding the Baby Ape Social Club.

project SUmmary

For those people who are interested in staking baby tigers and baby apes, a Baby Ape Social Club is their ultimate need. You can collect $DAB to take part in this amazing club. Hashlogics is a company that develops this club by using React JS.