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Main Types of Cryptocurrency Asset Management Platform

November 1, 2022


Main Types of Cryptocurrency Asset Management Platform

The integration of cryptocurrency in the business world is not new. Approximately a decade ago, Bitcoin has taken the market by storm. A massive amount of people are interested in exerting their feet in crypto by putting a huge investment.

However, as a newbie in the investment field, it is not safe to be involved in cryptocurrency. Risk can eliminate your chances of getting a profit through crypto. So what should you do as a beginner?

For this purpose, the cryptocurrency asset management platform is the ultimate solution. It eliminates the confusion of handling multiple wallets and different accounts.

Carry on reading to learn more about Crypto Management Services.

What is Asset Management for Crypto Assets?

Whenever you want to keep an eye on portfolio growth for experiencing growth with the trading of digital assets, crypto asset management services are the ultimate solution for your problems.

On the reach of Ethereum in 2013, blockchain technology was introduced. This is programmable that can secure digital assets.

From medical to finance, every industry has been utilizing a way of integrating blockchain technology that handles by asset management tools.

Crypto Asset Management Platforms

No doubt, for crypto asset management, some of the tools play a vital role. Whether you want to get deep insights about asset buying or accounting of cryptos, everything is possible with the assistance of grabbing Crypto Management Services or its tools. Check a list of these cryptocurrency asset management platforms below.

– Blox

It is a crypto management platform that assists in accomplishing various tasks, including tracking, management, and accounting of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the right calculations of taxes become possible with Blox.

It comprises an intuitive interface that helps users to understand its every function very carefully. First, it explains how much balance you have. Second, it shows the entire performance of your assets.

Next, you can get an idea of when your coin’s value increases or decreases. Accessing your portfolio analytics is also very easy through the Blox dashboard.

Reaching your exchange platforms and blockchain wallets is also very easy that escalates the proficiency in the management of assets.

– Coinbase

If you are looking for managing your portfolio alongside cryptocurrency trading, Coinbase is the perfect point to land. In more than 100 countries, it has been providing crypto asset management services.

When it started in 2012, it was only able to support Bitcoins. With time, its functionalities and permissions enhance. Now, the trading of Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP is also happening.

With its simple design, it is straightforward to use for new investors. From blockchain to fiat currency, everything you will find here. Moreover, the protection of your assets in USD or Euro happens through storage.

KYC (Know Your Customer) and the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) are two laws followed by Coinbase to make it an authentic place to invest and manage your cryptocurrencies.

– Hardware Wallet

Let us suppose you have an identical digital asset. After some time, it starts to gain popularity. For the safe place of your growing asset, you need to get the services of a Hardware wallet.

A lot of Hardware wallets exist in this technological globe. For example, bitwise crypto asset management is easy with the wallet. It works as a USB. Next, it is an offline wallet. As a result, it is safe from any kind of threats.

In addition, it is affordable. You do not need to pay a higher amount for taking services of a cryptocurrency asset management platform. A hardware wallet is a solution to your problem.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you are a new or experienced investor, a cryptocurrency asset management platform assists you in converting your complex tasks into easier ones. Your trade chances will become double with an accelerated generation of multiple revenue streams. Your portfolio becomes excellent with the help of a cryptocurrency asset management tool.

Are you probing a Crypto Management Services provider? Hashlogics is your partner to drive help for you. Before getting a quote, you can consult with our subject matter experts for taking advice regarding crypto asset management.

Furthermore, if you are looking to build your own cryptocurrency asset management platform, our professionals are always available to guide you. Get a quote now for cryptocurrency asset management platform development.

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