How To Create Website with Responsive Design

Today a business requires not only a website but a responsive website design as well. Which can turn out to be a game-changer for your business. A responsive website is one that could be easily adaptable and has a simple and impressive design. A user can get easy access to the provided services and feel maximum ease while using the website. A responsive website is a gateway to the success of your business. Thus making a responsive website design is very important to rank your business through digital channels.

In this article, we will discuss the possible methods of making a responsive website design.


 The most important thing is the format and front layout of the website. Almost 70% of the people are having the judgment that an attractive website design ensures the quality of the brand and product. A website with an eye-catching design and user interface ensures more customer base and user engagement. As they are provided by the feasible and easy-to-use user interface and layout.

Web pages can be viewed using many different devices: desktops, tablets, and smart phones. Your web page should look good, be easy to use, and be adaptive to every device. Try to start by creating a non-responsive layout, fixed at the default size according to the display of different devices. When CSS ad HTML is used to resize, hide or shrink to make the content good on the layouts of different devices it is called responsive web design.


Typography is a huge topic in the context of website designing. But there is an important concept for designers to understand is its proper use according to the layout design.  Typography is an integral part of layout design. It is the use of type in a design. Thoughtful use of font size, color, layout, and alignment is called typography, which is used to make a perfect layout design.  Text alignment and other factors such as affect the design of type on a page. Serif and sans serif are two major classifications of fonts.

You can use a method to choose from to display fonts on your websites.

SIFR is a text replacement method and is just as nice as Cufon. You’ll need Flash to create a font file for your site. To create headlines and every small block of text use this because the load time can drag on a bit if you use it extensively on a web page. Most of the time developers use the pixels to define font size.

Typography is referred to as a background design element, which is used to create a great backdrop that doesn’t distract from the body text. The rest of the text complements the style, with good-sized easy to read body text using a serif font.


Now we will learn different methods of using typography to make a website responsive

Using color, size, font, spacing, and layout to enhance the overall look of the page is called analog typography. Cufon is used in creating headlines with the use of blue pixels. Cufon is also used here to add a unique look to the site through typography. Color, different sizes, and a fun asymmetrical layout create a great typographical design. This method is used in festival boreal technique typography.


A responsive website also has a few other media links for instance youtube video links. To insert video links in a proper way is very important. A responsive website is the one that provides maximum ease to the user,  A user can easily approach the generated links for blogs.  For this CSS coding will provide a better gateway to aligning these links. If you are developing a website using HTML use the data-* attributes to store replacement image URLs. There are a lot of websites that use the third party generated video links to fetch them on the main website. This specific method is backed by a followed technique to post third parties video links on the website.


The above-mentioned three steps can play an important role to make your existing website a responsive one. Use the latest trends to bring traffic to the website. A website having more traffic will be considered more responsive. Post the generated third-party video links on your website using appropriate techniques. Use typography to make a lasting impact through your website’s fonts and design.


A website is representative of your brand. It should be easily adaptable and user-friendly from every possible aspect. A website with a user-friendly interface will leave a lasting impact to create a chain of loyal customers. If you are looking for a user-friendly responsive website then you are at the right place. Hashlogics is flooded with experienced developers to make responsive websites design for your business. We will help you make your website with responsive design. Therefore, you can make a lasting impression on your website users. Similarly, it will help you maximize the reach of your brand.


A website with a responsive design is aimed at providing the best user experience to a variety of users and a broad range of platforms. Thus it should be adaptive to your device if you are browsing from your PC, your laptop, your tablet, or your smartphone its interface must give the same user experience. It comes from the idea that we have to use multiple screens to view content, and that this content should automatically respond according to match your screen size.



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