How Much Does A Hotel Booking App Development Cost

A hotel booking app cost may lie somewhere between $10k to $90k depending upon the specifications and features.
Emerging technologies have forced every industry to jump into the digital world. Travelers are now managing their whole tours on their smartphones. From booking to travel guides everything is being monitored on smartphones through apps. Covid 19 gave a push to this trend. Mobile app development has witnessed a major height during the period of global lockdowns. Everything is one click away to approach.
A business having a digital presence is considered reliable and authentic. Because people started keenly believing in booking online for every purchase of their lives.

If you want to develop a hotel booking app or introduce your brand in the digital world. You must come across with few reservations whether it is a worthy decision to invest in mobile app development? And how much it could cost to develop an app for their business. Here in this article, we are going to clear your assumptions and reservations about the hotel booking app.


Some Important Statistics

  • $65 billion of travel sales were generated through smartphones in 2018. Because the rate of conversion of potential customers on mobile phones is five times higher than the websites.
  • In 2017 alone, 41 percent of transactions for booking hotel rooms were made online through smartphones, and now these numbers have jumped to 60 percent.
  • It is predicted that 700 million people will be booking their hotel rooms online by 2023.
  • 70 % of travellers research travel details on their smartphones.
  • Online digital travel sales in 2019 are a massive $755 billion worldwide.
  • 33% of consumers say they used a virtual travel assistant to help organize and plan their next trip.
  • 148 million travel bookings are completed online every year.

Why Hotel Booking App is Important?

Covid-19 has left a major drawback in sales of the businesses. Developing a hotel booking app has become mandatory to fulfill the current requirements therefore, most businesses must follow the suit to know how it can help you grow your business in 2021. The truth is, by following this trend you can stand out in the business world.

Factors that decide the cost of the hotel booking app development

To broaden the reach of your app make proper use of iOS and Android. If you choose one of them, there must be chances that your audience is tilted towards the other option. Taking into account these circumstances, use iOS and Android both for the maximum reach of your app offers. If you want to maximize the sale of Christmas, utilize both of these operating platforms.



The locality of the developers greatly influences the cost of the app. As the per hour cost varies area to area. However, different countries have different per-hour rates for hotel booking app development. The costs are mainly calculated on an hourly basis. The cost per hour in Eastern Europe is $20-35, and in the Asia Pacific is $15 to 20. There is a visible difference in the cost of per-hour services. 


Back end support

Many of the apps need backend support to maintain a smooth flow of customer service. If users face any issues, the developers should have to provide backend support to prevent such issues. Developers are also required to maintain the flow of evolving technologies and the latest trends. Thus, if an app requires a backend to support its cost may get higher than the expected cost.


Different platforms require different techniques and practices hence their cost may vary. But you have to choose the platform according to your business needs. If you are located in America, and the ratio of iOS users is greater in America then you must have to choose iOS which costs higher. But an app must be on different platforms to facilitate iOS and android users.


Experience and expertise of a development company

Before hiring a development agency you have to analyze a few things. Conduct proper research about the company from every possible aspect. Make a proper overview of their reviews and ratings. A development company having more experience and expertise will cost more. An experienced team is more reliable and authenticated but it can cost you more.

Advantages of having a hotel booking app

There are a lot of things to be considered necessary for your app. A successful booking app will facilitate both business owners and users.

Advantages for business owners

A booking application will pave way for business avenues in the digital world. By having your own application, businesses owners can have a multitude of benefits. It grants a business owner more engagement, a wide customer base, multiple revenue generation streams, a simple transparent payment process, lower customer support costs, and many other advantages.

For Customers:

Pandemic introduced some quick and easily accessible methods of doing things. Online booking emerged as a famous trend due to Covid. It has made things easy and comfortable. Customers can get their booking done with a single click. Booking your stay has become a far more comfortable and convenient option with a hotel booking app as it will offer benefits like deals, offers, discounts, and many more. Startups or new brands can rank their businesses by opting for these latest techniques.

For Hotel:

The hotel can get direct bookings through an app that also prevents the risk of double bookings. The app can help them save the customer’s records and sensitive information of customers. It will also help the brand reach and promote customer loyalty and more.

Advance features to add to your Hotel booking app

User account

An app should be featured with a specific user account. Where users can successfully log in and provide their personal information just for one time. This information should be saved in the user portal so that a user should not provide it again for the next booking. A user should land on the main dashboard where he can easily find the services menu for bookings. Thus, the more ease app will provide the better reviews will be given by the users.



This feature can help users find services according to their choice in less time. They can easily search for different options according to their budgets and time.

Online Bookings

Travelers can book their whole tour with a single click from their smartphones using apps. A user can easily find different options of available rooms and book them according to their taste and budget. The online booking feature will facilitate 24-hour service. If they have to cancel their tour due to some emergencies they can cancel their booking in no time as they have online access to everything.

Online Payment Facilities

This is the most important feature that can make your ways smarter and better. This feature offers various methods of online payment such as credit card, PayPal transactions, and many more.


Let’s make efforts together for the growth of your hotel. Connect with us to make the best impression of your business in the hotel industry. We will help you make your brand name and reach through a fantastic booking app.



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