How does STO Marketing Agency make an Initial STO Marketing Plan?

A security token is quite a new addition to the blockchain world. By beating its competitors, ICO has gradually escalated the value of financial assets. Having compliance with SEC regulations, STO potentially grabs the attention of high-ticket investors through greater liquidity. 

Suppose you develop an STO to create massive revenue streams. A significant failure happens when you could not able to do marketing for your particular security token offerings. In this regard, security token marketing company, Hashlogics is the perfect solution to get STO marketing services. 

To help you out with this issue, we have combined a guide on initial STO marketing strategies.
Take a look.  

Initial Stage STO Marketing

In our initial stage of security token marketing services, we cover five main areas of concern crucial for STO marketing. 

    • White Papers 
    • HTTPS 
    • Blogging 
    • Search Engine Optimization 
    • Guest Posting 
    • One Pager 

- White Papers

Undoubtedly, every investor tends to be a part of a specific STO campaign about which he knows a proficient understanding. Therefore, it is a prerequisite to a marketing trick after launching your security token offering. 

For this purpose, first, you need to find a professional white paper writer who knows the art of writing alongside STO knowledge. 

Then, your whitepaper must include two primary informational aspects. 

    • Compliances
    • Legal Regulation

Next, you have to describe details about your STO on three different levels.

    • Technical
    • Financial
    • Commercial

It is actually a proposal for an investor to invest money. If you curate it compelling, you will definitely enhance investor presence in your STO project.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the sign that a website is secure. STO marketing through HTTPS plays a vital role in generating revenue through massive investment by users. 

It is an identical part of search engine optimization which ensures investors that they will not get scammed. 

Therefore, it is suggested that always launch your STO for running a marketing campaign on a website that has HTTPS. It demonstrates a positive green flag to make an investment to investors into your STO.   

- Blogging

For an outstanding branding of your STO, publishing blogs regularly can become a game changer. You can talk about your STO marketing services in your blogs. The first option for blogging is to write and post blogs on your site. The second is that create your account on free-article publishing sites, such as Medium and

Whenever you start to write content, keep an eye on the details of every topic. Do not compromise on the quality of your content regarding STO. 

For generating outstanding content, research thoroughly and brainstorm innovative ideas to create content. The better your message quality, the better investors get to indulge in your STO project.   

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After publishing, content thinking about driving massive customers is not the right decision. For ranking your STO project among your competitors, you need to implement stellar SEO strategies. 

For example, integrate intent-based keywords according to your niche. Then, do on-page, off-page, and technical SEO of your STO. If you do not have experience in this domain, you can get services from the STO marketing agency. 

If you put the right SEO tactics by eliminating black-hat strategies, you have a fair chance to rank your site for STO marketing on the first pages of search engines.  

- Guest Posting

If your website has links to authoritative websites, greater exposure, and strong relationships, you can accelerate in your industry. Guest blogging endeavors this facility to STO marketers to build their reputation through it. 

For this task, you have to explore top-notch sites that offer guest posting services. It is preferable to get guest posting sites having the same niche. For example, for the marketing of STO, build a connection with a site on the STO niche. Then, send a request for publishing. After the agreement, write content by following their guidelines strictly and send it to them.

Do not forget to add your STO website link to the blog. It will assist you in earning backlinks which enhance your credibility.  

- One Pager

In this business world, everyone is very busy and does not have enough time to read a long document to know about any service and product by a company.
One pager is the ultimate solution to describe in front of users that you offer STO investment solutions to the investors. 

Whenever you launch an STO project, you can explain its fantastic features and benefits on this one page. 

If you successfully efficiently write this page and share it with investors, you will surely get high-level investments.  

Final Thoughts

Without security token marketing services by the STO Marketing agency, it is impossible to reach out to your target audience. Therefore, STO marketing is the compulsory step to do for the success of your STO. 

In this guide, we have wrapped up top strategies for STO marketing. 

If you still need help, you can connect with a security token marketing company, Hashlogics. Its subject matter experts will guide you and market your STO exceptionally. 

So book a free consultation call with our top-tier team of STO marketers now.  

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