How does Security Token Marketing Agency do STO Marketing?

In 2017, the hype about ICO was initiated. But after some time it received a downside due to a lack of compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. 

To overcome its failure, an STO comes into existence. STO is backed by physical assets and a form of digital token. With the enhancement of liquidity, most traders tend to invest in the STO market. 

However, marketing is compulsory if you want to excel in your STO project in front of potential investors. For this purpose, the services provided by the security token marketing company can be a game changer. 

To give you a basic idea about STO token market, we have gathered top marketing tips for SEO. Carry on reading to learn about them. 

Proxy Marketing

Marketing of security tokens directly is not possible and is not recommended. As a result, you have to market the token as a proxy. 

For instance, you can contact online publications, blogs, and magazine owners. After getting permission, you can publish your STO benefits alongside healthy reviews. 

This practice assists in curating leads into prospects. When your target investors get an insight about your STO through content, fair chances for their investment are available in your STO project.  

Competitor Analysis

Launching an STO is not as easy a task as anyone thinks. If you want to stand out among your competitors in the STO world, competitor analysis is a must. 

Whenever you prepare a marketing plan for your STO project, you have to add proper research about your competitors. 

Next, learn about their customers and what they are recommending and highlight their mistakes. Then, do not commit errors again and be prepared for the development of giving better services and products. 

Regulation D

Step into to STO market makes you more careful. The reason is that the United States does not allow the marketing of STO directly on the internet through different social media platforms such as blogs, television, newspaper, radio, public seminars, etc. 

Therefore, grabbing most of the investors is your prime goal for which you have to keep regulation D under construction  

Investors Listing

All kind of investors is not allowed to invest in STO projects. As a consequence, it is quite a daunting task to find an investor who can do an investment without any involvement in illegal activities.  

For this goal, you need to keep beneficial information related to investors. For instance, you have an email of an investor. Then, write a compelling cold email to the investor and invite him to invest in your STO.   

Participate in blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conferences

Participating in informative conferences on cryptocurrency and blockchain topics can be a big favor for you. It helps you to grab benignant knowledge of these industries and get an opportunity to meet with those business owners who want to invest in a standard STO project. 

This conference attendance chance can accelerate the progress of your STO project and enhance your networking 

Which Security Token Marketing Agency to Choose?

After analyzing the above tips, you surely get a fair idea of how hard to learn and implement the tactics of STO marketing. As a result, you have to hire a Security Token Marketing Agency for grabbing marvelous results.

For this purpose, get professional STO marketing services from Hashlogics. We have a team of expert marketers who have extensive knowledge in token marketing with US regulations. 

Our price is reasonable without any hidden costs. 

Get a quote now for accelerating the progress of your STO project. Book your free consultation call with professionals to get advice before to get a start. 

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