The cost of cricket app development varies according to the features you choose. But an estimated cost for both the platforms could be about 8000$ to 50000$.

Globally, cricket is being considered an addictive game that is immensely gaining popularity in the digital world day by day. With an enormous rise in digitalization, internet users have shown great interest in cricket apps. Cricket game developers are putting a lot of effort into utilizing every new technology and trend with the game development model. As you know most people take interest in cricket games thus, cricket app developers and business owners also take interest in developing cricket apps according to their audience requirements.

However, the cricket mobile app requires a lot of time and hours to build. Hence, the time will decide the cost that your cricket app will take. To hire developers for this purpose, you need to present an overall chart of your idea for your cricket app. The time taken to develop the app defines the estimated cost. For more accurate estimation you can consult development agencies.




While measuring the cost of an app, the size of the company plays a major role. If the company is greater in size and better according to the location they will definitely charge more.

Platforms you choose

If an app runs on different platforms of different operating systems, the cost will obviously increase.  It will obviously cost more than the app which is only designed for a specific platform. However, the cost of android is always less than IOS and windows.


UX design and user interface is the most important part of the app. It can take a lot of time to design the user interface. If the design is more complex, then the app may cost higher. The catchy and attractive designs are usually very useful in-app conversion rates.


If you are going to choose one of the given types your cost slightly varies accordingly. Different types of apps are given below.

  • Native apps are developed for the use of a specific operating unit. Native Apps can be accessed through icons on the device home screen.
  • Web apps operate on different platforms for instance websites and apps using mobile devices.
  • Hybrid apps if web apps and native apps are combined together, they develop hybrid apps.


The size of the app decides how much it would cost to build an app. The size will increase when you are intended to add more features and functionality to the app. The big size of the app requires more features. Hence, it can cost higher.


Geographical factor plays important role in determining the cost of the app. As the wages vary area-wise.The per-hour cost changes area to area. Thus, the cost of a native developer would be less than the a foreign developer.

Features to add in Developing a Cricket App

Features can be divided into three categories:

  • User-friendly Features
  • Admin- friendly Features
  • Additional Feature

User-friendly Features

Registration and sign-in options

Every time the new user comes to the application they can register and log in to the application using their username, email ID, phone number, password, and referral code from friends.

Home Screen

After successfully logging in with the app, the user will land on this main dashboard. All the app categories will be shown on the landing page. Users can quickly access them with a single click.


The contest will display all the match details on the landing page. Which includes contest name, contest type, entry fee, winners count, and winning amount.

Payment Modes

It facilitates users to make them able to pay online using credit/debit cards, e-banking, e-wallets, or cash bonus points.

My Contest Details

After logging in, users have to submit an entry fee to create their cricket team Which is calculated based on the total winning amount and size of the contest.

My Dashboard


This section displays the list of joining contestants. Users can also see and edit their selected team players and can also use the filters feature for such purposes.

My Profile

The user can update his profile details on the app along with bank and other details. This section also displays the record of your reward points, transactions, and gives the option to manage payments.

Admin- friendly Features

Admin Login

From this section, the admin can log in to the app by entering the username and password.

Admin Dashboard

The dashboard will represent all the icons of an app like total matches, number of active players, scoreboard, and match summaries.

User Management

Admin has access to add, delete, edit, activate, and deactivate the user accounts.

Match Management

In this section, management has control over every segment of cricket. They have complete access to control, activate and deactivate tournaments.


Earnings Management

This feature allows users to check and view the total earnings and revenue generated from different matches. There are certain filters that help them measure the revenue.

Payment Management

This feature enables the admin to also use various modes of payment. For instance credit card payments, PayPal, and online transactions, etc.

Managing Reward and Cash Bonus Points

The Admin gives the reward points to the participants based on their performance. They also add and manage the cash prizes given to the users.

Managing bank withdraws request

Admins can use their right to process the withdrawal of the winning amount of the participants in their bank accounts. It is totally controlled by the admin.

Additional Features

In order to make your app more attractive, you have to add some additional features to the app. These features will make your app distinctive.

1      Live Match Score
Many of the users have no time to watch matches. They should be given an option to see live scores, match highlights, and expert reports of matches and tournaments.

2       Push Notification
This feature helps in sending pop-up alert messages to the users to inform them about the latest updates about the match and the time

 3     Real-time Analytics
This feature helps in constantly recording, storing, and updating the real-time data in these applications.

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