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Initial Coin Offering (ICO) term is recently gained with the widespread growth in startups. The trend of traditional financial transactions is at the diminishing stage, but ICO is getting increasing popularity amongst investors.

Thus, ICO is basically a technique of raising funds to introduce new cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. The concept is pretty similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. The major role of ICO is to attract investors for investment and get profit after the launch of the project.

But marketing an ICO is a tiresome task that is different than other regular projects. In this blog, we will see the important aspects to devise the best marketing strategies for ICO that can land your business at new heights.

What is an ICO?

ICO is abbreviated as Initial Coin Offering, a technique of raising funds for cryptocurrency projects or launching your own cryptocurrency. Early investors sell part of the cryptocurrency for bitcoin or legal tender as part of the process. In light of the development of new cryptocurrencies, ICOs are a relatively new venture that is growing rapidly.

Marketing Strategies of ICO

The market is full of a lot of PR marketing strategies. The best marketing strategies are listed below that can give you undeniable results. Take a look at them. 

● Website and Whitepapers

ICO marketing has certain restrictions; it cannot be directly marketed on google or Facebook. Therefore, an attractive website would be your first and secure step to start marketing your ICO. It acts as the representative of your product and ensures your first impression is as good as it can be.

Present all the details and information of your all ICO on your website, including the “About Us” and “Contact Us” pages. These pages will assist you to get customers for your ICO.

Further, whitepapers also leave a lasting impact on the marketing of ICO. It will satisfy the security purposes of investors as the whitepaper contains all the legal concerns. In the whitepaper, you will mention every detail, such as legal aspects, terms, conditions, and problems about your product that are going to solve.

● Guest-posting

Guest posting helps you reach out to the potential customer range with a fine knowledge of your ICO. The popular crypto news sites assist in showing off expert knowledge and educating the audience about the potential of your ICO. 

Moreover, you can present information about your project in the form of an article that advises prospective investors or communicates an interesting insight based on your experience and project specifications. You receive higher validation if you will get a place on prominent websites. As a result, publications will receive fresh and quality content without incurring significant publishing costs. 

● Media Outreach

Website and guest posting set the base for your ICO to stand in the market. If your base is ready, now, you can move further in applying other marketing strategies.  Media outreach should be your next move. 

There are a lot of media houses and publishers who specifically provide services for writing about crypto projects. This will target your relevant customer range and audience to help you in reaching your potential audience who are specifically interested in your currency. But, if you have budget constraints, it could be an expensive source for promoting your ICO project.

● Email marketing

Personalized email marketing is a result-oriented tool that directly targets and engages your relevant audience. You can use this tool to get maximum reach in a lower budget range. That’s why smart marketers keep email marketing as a part of their core strategy.

In addition to all your paid campaigns and social media presence, their email marketing will assist you to send tailored messages to your customers.

You just require the email addresses of people to run the email marketing campaign. Furthermore, you can build your email data by adding a subscriber form to your website or else where you can buy data from lead generation organizations. Therefore, ICO launch services should be promoted through email. 

● Discussion Forums

Content marketing is a powerful tool that you can use to grow your business and maximize your brand reach. Though Facebook and Google do not support cryptocurrency promotion ads, it permits the promotion of crypto trading platforms, and mining hardware/software only with the approval of the government

Thus, through relevant content, you can market your ICO project. Additionally, content can be posted in discussion forums such as Bitcointalk, Quora, and Reddit. You can simultaneously promote your project as well as impart knowledge of ICO. Communicating your upcoming projects’ benefits and sharing your knowledge must be done simultaneously. 

Marketing Strategies of ICO

    • It directly presents the products’ potential advantages offered by the project like ICO.
    • Marketing can directly give investors reasons and advantages for investing in ICO by presenting them with the incentives of the project.
    • It assists in promoting your business idea.
    • It gives a way to promote content through authentic means by providing informative content, which ultimately results in brand reliability and effectiveness.
    • Compared to ICO bounty marketing, PR marketing strategies for ICO helps in retaining the attention of a target market for a longer time.
    • Consistent PR efforts offer the best result by grabbing potential clients for you.
    • Content marketing also resolves complex issues and maintains a positive image of the project.

Final Words

ICO has been experiencing heights of glory nowadays. Before starting the ICO development, you have to consider the marketing strategies first. Hopefully, this blog has given you a detailed answer to this question.

If you are planning to launch your ICO project or looking for the marketing strategies for your ICO project, contact Hashlogics. It is the best ICO marketing company with experienced ICO developers who deliver ICO solutions based on your interests and demands. 

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