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Crafting intuitive experiences for mobile users.

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A Guide to Solana Blockchain Software Development Services Provider company

June 2, 2022


A Guide to Solana Blockchain Software Development Services Provider company

Hashlogics is a sterling blockchain development company with advanced approaches to the blockchain. Providing cutting-edge Solana blockchain software development services to develop fast and decentralized app development solutions is our leading goal.
Our developers offer high-quality Solana blockchain development services, such as running your financial activities faster and more secure than ever before.
If you are not sure about Solana Bloackhain’s concept, carry on reading this write-up for a better understanding.

What Actually Solana Blockchain Is?

Solana is a web-scale, open-source blockchain protocol to perform secure decentralized financing activities faster. It supports smart contracts, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps). Its high-performance blockchain consensus models deliver the fully decentralized, secure, seamless, and highly scalable infrastructure that dApps and decentralized marketplaces will require.

Solana was introduced by Anatoly Yakovenko, who integrate fast and secure Solana with better features, including the PoS and PoH consensus model. Solana has its own decentralized cryptocurrency to support and perform transactions faster than Ethereum cost-effectively.

Solana has an open-source node synchronized model which ensures an accurate, faster, and secure transaction history record. The PoS and PoH consensus model causes various advanced features in Solana that Ethereum does not support. These consensus models play an important role to beat the competition in the market and provide users with an effective, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution.

Core Features of Solana

● Proof of history
● Tower BFT
● Turbine
● Gulf stream
● Sea level
● Pipelining
● Cloud break
● Archivers

● Proof of History

The proof of history consensus model addresses the clock issues in performing transactions. It ensures higher efficiency in the transaction process with an adequate record of transaction data. Solana was the first blockchain platform to use this consensus model. Before them, all the platforms face discrepancies while performing transactions. It has left the role of Ethereum behind with the addition of this PoH model.

● Tower BFT

It is an algorithm of PoS that uses the synchronized clock to achieve transaction security and speed. It helps in providing the validators to save the record of previous votes.

● Turbine

Solana uses a distinct but linked protocol, turbine, intended to speed up the streaming. It divides data into smaller units to ensure faster data transfer between nodes. Turbine assists Solana to solve bandwidth issues. As a result, it increases the overall transaction processing speed of the network. This feature takes important data into pieces to send the data faster using minimum bandwidth.

● Gulf stream

Gulf stream is recently introduced in Solana to make transactions faster with the Mempool concept. The Mempool helps to validate the transactions before the transaction ends. It also acts as a waiting room for the next trade, happening in the queue ahead of time.

● Sealevel

Sealevel feature never exists in any blockchain network before Solana. The prime function of sea level is to validate the ability to run smart contracts parallel. Hence, it majorly provides a smart contract validation system.

● Pipelining

As a common technique of CPU design, it is a process of routing a stream of input data to various pieces of hardware for processing. Solana introduced this feature as a transaction processing unit.

● Cloud break

It allows the system to read and write data at the same time. Each disk available within the cloud break expands the amount of storage available in the system while making reading and writing of the program simultaneously between the network.

● Archivers

Solana moves data from validator to archivers. This characteristic asked to confirm that they are storing the data required regularly by the network.

Solana blockchain development services offered by Hashlogics

Are you looking for Solana Blockchain development services solutions? Stop here and check our main offerings now.

  • Solana Defi exchange development
  • Solana token development
  • Solana dApp development
  • Solana NFT smart contract development
  • Solana NFT development
  • Solana NFT minting platform development

● Solana Defi Exchange Development Services

It facilitates the purpose of an exchange platform where you can exchange various currencies existing in the world. Crypto enthusiasts are eagerly exploring the avenues to exchange their currencies. Hashlogics is the best defi exchange service provider company. Get your first exchange development project done with us.

● Solana token development

Develop your first Solana token with us to make your transactions faster and more secure. Node synchronization of Solana makes transactions speed up. Hence, it causes an increase in the popularity of Solana.

● Solana dApp development

A decentralized platform is independent of the third party. Its properties highly negate the role of a third person in performing transactions. You can develop your own revenue stream by offering your own DApp. Contact us to have your own Defi dApp development.

● Solana NFT smart contract development

Solana offers the best user-friendly experience than any other crypto blockchain compared to any other blockchain platform. We offer Solana NFT smart contract development that works on historical evidence, although the market operates on pre-written smart contracts.

● Solana NFT development

It develops your first responsive NFT with Non-exchangeable tokens that revolutionized the crypto world. The use of NFT has increased in recent days. Resultantly, the popularity of Solana is increasing day by day. So, make your first Solana NFT with Hashlogics.

● Solana NFT minting platform development

Develop your NFT minting platform with the experienced developer’s approach. Minting is the process of tokenization your digital assets in the form of tokens. Solana charges a minimum gas fee which attracts more investors.

Get started with your Solana software development with Hashlogics

Hashlogics fall in the category of one of the global leaders of Solana blockchain development companies. We offer blockchain development solutions on different platforms. Our developer’s force is highly skilled and provides you with competitive Solana solutions.

So, contact us now for initiating your Solana project.

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