The thunderous Christmas season is about to reach with exciting gifts and Christmas deals. Now you can get your app ready for Christmas in a short time. The Christmas season comes along with a great spike in app downloads for online shopping and exciting discount deals. People start finding discounts and Christmas pleasants from online shopping. But, this year due to Covid-19 the online consumer spending has increased globally because the world is going through the digitalization phase. It resultantly increased the number of downloads of apps to facilitate customers online. Father Santa is soon going to load his goody bags with a million Christmassy apps this season. Our App Developers can create attractive and creative apps in a short time according to your requirements. This crazy shopping season requires crazy discount deals and Christmas themes. Likewise, research has shown that app downloads have experienced a huge increase in the due season of Christmas.

Here in this article, we are presenting you the amazing tips to put your app in front of your crazy shopping lover customers. By following these tips your app can reach the doorsteps of the relevant audience. Follow these steps to let your app make its way into popular downloads of this Christmas season.


An app’s title should be Christmassy from outer looks. A title must denote the festivities of Christmas. In other words, make sure the title and description should be optimized with proper keywords. Your app should also give a proper Christmas feel by its title. For instance, in the description, jargon like ‘biggest Christmas sale’ can be utilized to catch the attention of the customers. Try to add seasonal keywords into your app description so they can help you come up on the top in the search results.


An app must be given the feel of Christmas. The theme of the app should be representative of the Christmas theme. Apparently, every inch of your in-app message should be designed with snowflakes, Santa, stars, presents, bells, and angels. You also need to personalize it as per the profile data. Furthermore,  use the holiday season to understand people’s behavior and see if your main themes get more trending outcomes. Christmas tree and Canta, are the prominent objects that you can utilize as background themes.

Follow Competitors and Their Offers

Achievement of anything without setting defined goals would be tiresome and time taking. Before going to design your app for Christmas, go for market research to find your competitor. Your competitor will give you an idea of how to go about designing an app. He must have defined a strategy for offers. Get a gist of it and define offers for your customers. In the Christmas season, Christmas offers are everywhere, get help from them and make the best of them. But an offer with a catchy description can lead you far enough. Moreover, Identify the keywords your competitors are using. Take help from them to decide if you should use the same ones or go for a different strategy.

Leverage iOS and Android

To broaden the reach of your app make proper use of iOS and Android. If you choose one of them, there must be chances that your audience is tilted towards the other option. Taking into account these circumstances, use iOS and Android both for the maximum reach of your app offers. If you want to maximize the sale of Christmas, utilize both of these operating platforms.


A lot of apps are being tested in the Christmas period to boost Christmas shopping cravings. identify the maximum potential use of the app on the basis of area. For instance, Ireland, Latin America, and Eastern Europe are among the regions, that marked the highest sales over Christmas. Therefore investing in-app localization is essential. App localization will increase the audience of the app. Consequently, it will get your app connected with more people. To localize your app maximize the running of app campaigns. As was mentioned above, Christmas has a great season for app downloads. This also means that your online visibility will also get higher around the holidays if you are running app campaigns. Localize your app according to the regional specifications. But then consider a few countries like Brazil and Australia. There are bright sunny days in December. Thus you can not use winter themes for these regions. Hence, focus on sun, sand, and sea objects to define your theme.


In the crazy season of shoppings, everyone is looking for free gifts. These offers can help a lot to boost the ranking of the app. People are intended to shop more than usual this month, but they’ll always prefer to get something for free. These free offers may help you get more downloads and positive reviews.  Positive reviews can also help your app to rank higher in the app stores.


In this season every app is trying to get the maximum attention of the customers. Days like Christmas day are all about finding something novel in the market. If your app is ready to facilitate the quarries of the customer, you will achieve your goals. Thus try to add some novel features to your app. That can fascinate more people and compel them to download the app.


Performance, load, and stress testing have to be insured before the pre-Christmas rush to make it confirm that your app can perform under intense traffic and spikes in usage. Moreover, If you come across any problem consult your app developers to fix the problem.


Start your holiday campaigns as earlier as you can. Because people start finding the best deals from the start of December. The earlier you start the holiday campaigns, the better results you will achieve. With this tip, you will get a high volume of downloads.


Ratings and reviews are representative of your app. They represent the functionality of the app and help to win the trust of the audience. According to a study by Apptentive, 59% of customers check reviews before downloading an app. So, the more an app gets a better rating, the higher your chances of making great Christmas sales. This strategy will get you good results.

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This festive season requires exciting things everywhere. To get highlighted in this season try to innovate something exciting. That helps you get the attention of people. Thus the tips discussed above can land you in the most-used apps of this season.