Cross-platform development is something that has many advantages over native development and truth being told, most of the mobile applications are developed to suit more than one platform and developers begin to face problems with respect to the different pathways towards the interface design along with issues of different APIs. It creates problems for different tools and the environment as well for example for iOS solutions you would need Mac OSX environment and probably some tools such as XCode etc. whereas for Android apps, you can use Eclipse other environments such as Java language.
With all of these problems at hand Xamarin provides different and amazing features such as a single code for all platforms along with direct accessibility to the native APIs of each and every platform. It provides usage of NET platform and Xamarin language that is easy and to not only to learn but to use as well.

Xamarin is without a doubt one of the top notch and most strong tools used for mobile engineering in today’s modern era as it is a combination of native and cross platform features.
With a C# shared codebase, developers can use Xamarin tools to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with native user interfaces and share code across multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Xamarin development highly avoids higher investment costs as well as platform specific knowledge and also the need to device specific or distinct development platforms. Xamarin also has a lower investment.

Since obviously Xamarin is a mobile application development tool which is meant to allow cross platform compatibility gradually saving on higher sums of Invesment.

Xamarin is the newest and best standard for enterprise mobile development and over 500,000 developers from more than a 100 Fortune 500 companies use Xamarin development for their business apps.

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