You definitely need a company like Hashlogics. We have an expert team who can develop your custom-designed communications apps. WebRTC helps setting up cameras, speakers, and microphones, echo cancelation and background cancelation hardware etc. When you use WebRTC instead of other software in real-time audio and video, you can use open source/royalty free codecs that Google can ship.
Web Real-time Communications helps in audio, video, and data communication over two web browsers. You can have video chatting, calling, video chat, and file sharing facility in the web browser, without requiring plug-in.

Why Do We Need WebRTC?

WebRTC does not require any plug-in, applications or frameworks but you must have a WebRTC compatible browser. It is the best option for the end-users as there will be no Flash, Silverlight, JavaScript API. The WebPages will only be pure audio, video, audio, and data communication. Let us develop the latest and customized WebRTC applications for you. With an expert team, we focus on product delivery and we deliver what we promise with our clients.
Our services will be a huge step forward in offering the best enterprise solutions for user interaction. Our experts will develop the top-notch video, audio, and data sharing applications that will give excellent user experience to the users.

Our designs are also remarkable that you cannot find from anywhere else at this price.

Our Services

Our applications will definitely surprise the users because our experts introduce the latest and unique designs. You can get mobile and browser-based applications from us. Contact us for developing custom-made applications for for live event broadcasting, video conferencing, education, and telehealth. We can also make an application completely unique. Tell us your requirements and we will make the best for you. We know the latest trends because we are a recognized company offering services in this field.

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Our experts will develop the top-notch video, audio, and data sharing applications.