Strodle is SAAs based application system. Which is specifically designed with a QR code. This app is built up by using react native and react js. It took 3 to 6 months to get completed by developers. We developed this app from scratch.


About The Project

What is Strodle?

Strodle is a mobile app that provides a marketplace for people to share their stroller or to pick up a stroller for their pets or kids on rent. The renter adds the stroller to a specific location for rent. The customer searches the stroller in a specific location. After using, the customer returns the stroller to the renter at the drop-off location. The renter picks up the stroller by scanning the QR code on the host’s/customer’s phone. The customer pays the amount that they agreed upon

Problem Statement:

In the world of modernization, everything is being shifted to digitalization. Technology made easy access to everything. One of our customers suggested to us the problem of carrying a stroller for their kids or pets. They face difficulty to find a stroller for their kids. We picked up this suggestion and surveyed it. It was a genuine concern of every other customer. Which forced us to consider this problem and make a solution for this.


After surveying and analyzing different forums. we ended up with an app to facilitate our customer’s quarry. Our team developed an app with a specific geolocation feature to facilitate customers within their whereabouts. Using this geolocation feature of the stroller. they can get a stroller on rent by using QR code feature.QR code is a very important and prominent feature of this app which helps you a lot in the transparent payment method.

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