Top-Notch Security Token Exchange Development

Spring your toes into the trillion-dollar security token market with our seamless STO (Security Token Offerings) exchange services for empowering your trading and exerting a new thriving perspective into your enterprise.

Our Security Token Exchange Development Services

STO exchange

Our Security Token Exchange Development Services

Tokens exchange mechanism has amalgamated a new wave of traction into the crypto world. Synchronize as broker-dealers, the Alternative Trading System (ATS) is the premier foundation of security tokens that ensures the security of traders. Further, with the immense adoption of security tokens for trading, the security token exchange platform has become a need of an hour. Transfigure the fundraising archetype with identical legal security tokens, we endeavour sterling STO exchange platform services to our clients. With a seasoned IT management team and competent blockchain technology, a high-performance security token exchange platform is our sky-rocketing offering to surge your presence in the security token trading market.

Main Attributes of our Security Token Exchange

For presenting an excellent experience to users and escalating the security of tokens, our exchange platform is fortified with the following characteristics.

Ripping Security

We furnished our STO exchanging platform with HTTP authentication, two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, data encryption, and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection for steller security.

Hot Wallet

With the integration of a hot wallet, we propound secure storage, multi-signature support, and secure transactions into a security token exchange platform for an entire series of cryptocurrencies.

Potent Matching Engine

A swift speed of purchasing and selling orders, including limit orders, stop orders, and market orders can be gained in your exchange platform by acquiring our professional exchange services.

Escrow System

A complete record of payments between buyers and sellers is present on our offered security token exchange platform. As a result, disputes cannot happen and the system accelerates quickly.

API to External Exchange

The incorporation of high-level liquidity is our priority. We achieve this goal with the maintenance of reliable connections between an API and an external exchange security platform.

Manifold-currency Transactions

According to your business needs, you are free to trade any currency such as fiat currency into the crypto industry if you build your exchange platform from our efficient team of Hashlogics.

Integration of Payment Gateways

Whether you have a debit card or credit card, we integrate the finest payment gateways into our marvelous security token exchange platform to ensure risk-free payments for users.

User Identification

We integrate KYC technology into the STO exchange platform that assists to ensure the identity of users for the elimination of any scam. Through this exciting feature, only authenticated users can use your developed platform.

All-Languages support

With the assistance of our developed security token exchange platform, you can customize your language. As a result, from a French citizen to an Englishman, everyone is free to utilize this platform.

Operate your Security Token Exchange Platform with Hashlogics

Robust your remarkable STO exchange platform by availing a security token exchange development company, Hashlogics. Steer your development with us to exert potential benefits into your platform.

Why Choose Hashlogics for Security Exchange Services?

Pilot your Security Token Exchange Development Platform with our adaptive services. With our wizard advantages, exceptional chances of excelling in your field are present. Do not miss out on STO exchange from us due to our following pros.

Optimal Security

We unite security standards like DDoS protection to ensure high-level security.


We offer optimal budgets to every client that suits them and their business.

100% Uptime

We deliver fast and effective platforms like DNS Failover, Geo IP Routing, etc.


For the best results, we incorporate customization features for supporting our users.

Modular Architecture

For scaling the security token exchange platform, we make its architecture user-friendly and easy to understand.

24/7 Support

For the successful running and spiffing growth of your business, we are available 24/7 for you.

frequently asked questions

Security tokens have become the leading part of the trading world. Based on functionalities, they are divided into three main categories; Equity tokens, Debt tokens, and Asset-backed tokens.

NFTs, known as non-fungible tokens are cryptographic assets in the blockchain network. They are furnished with unique identity and ownership with unique metadata that distinguishes them from each other. They are traded only via online channels.

Purchasers, buyers, and distributors work as broker-dealers of security tokens. The transaction process begins with dealers through brokerage firms. On the other hand, buyers sell or purchase tokens on the behalf of clients. All these scenarios enhance the liquidity of the platform.
First of all, it supports 24/7 trading. Next, automated compliances and fractional ownerships are the leading features. Then, programmable assets and securities are other feathers in the STO exchange cap. All these characteristics change the world rapidly and have been creating hype for security tokens.

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