Native script is how cross-platform, native iOS and Android applications are built without web views. Native script is designed in such a manner that is is easily approachable to different developers from all sorts of backgrounds.

NativeScripts are created using JavaScript or using any such language such as TypeScript that trans piles to JavaScript. Angular and Vue JavaScript frameworks are also supported by NativeScript. Fully native applications are the result of such mobile applications built with the help of NativeScript that use the similar APIS as if they had been developed in Xcodeor in the Android Studio.

Also, third party libraries from CocoaPods, Android Arsenal, Maven and npm can be repurposed by software developers in their mobile apps without requiring need for wrapper.All the required plugins for native script are installed using the package manager known as npm. These projects are then created, configured and then assembled with the help of command line or GUI tool known as NativeScript sidekick.

The platform independent user interfaces are then defined using the XML files. Native script the used the abstractions that are detailed in the XML files to call native UI elements of each platform. Application logic developed in Angular and TypeScript can be built independent of the target platform as well.

A Native mobile application is developed using the node.js runtime as well as tooling. Progress has motives for a percentage of 90 percent common code amongst the iOS and Android platforms. Also platform independent user interfaces with the native elements of a target operating system which means a call to the NativeScript button API provides a UI abstraction for button that directly calls UI button on iOS or on android. With the arrival of NativeScript2.0, it has become possible to use Angular to construct cross platform mobile applications.

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