Responsive Web Design rejoins to the users’ device and gives a positive watching and web browsing experience. The site changes itself as far as size and resolution dependent upon the device that you’re using. So in case you’re using a phone, you’ll be seeing the mobile version of the site where the content and pictures are resized to fit the more modest screen. This is the thing that makes responsive website design the most adaptable of all. But not only this, a responsive website not only include images or size but also should have these responsive characteristics:

  • 1. Responsive typography
  • 2. Flexible images
  • 3. Responsive web page layouts
  • 4. Testing and cross-browser support

How to Create Responsive Website?

Developing a site that is 100% responsive is certifiably not a major task these days because everyone is doing the same. Google has begun giving priority to mobile using sites in its search results algorithm, which further focuses on the use of responsive web design. Prior, developers used to create separate websites for PC and mobile use. That was back when cell phones weren’t common. In any case, this was anything but a positive methodology as it sent support costs through the rooftop, also the problem of taking care of different sites and dealing with the SEO for every one of them.

So, in today’s world web designing is very important. There are some benefits:

1. It helps consumers discover your website.

2. It keeps shoppers on your website longer.

3. It builds positive brand recognition and trust with consumers.

But how?

Word Press

It is the world’s most popular CMS and maintains this unbeatable by offering one of the most open website builders — the Gutenberg editor.

Using word press, there are thousands of free responsive themes available for every use. Responsive pro theme, business theme, blog theme, and many more


CMS Hub is a completely facilitated, completely coordinated CMS. It associates with your other HubSpot instruments so you can present incorporated marketing, sales, service, and site browsing experience for your visitors, customers, and workers.

As far as your webpage building experience, CMS Hub offers to rebuild site topics that are additionally portable enhanced to meet your visitors and customers any place and anyway they’re browsing.


It is a good HTML and CSS system for making responsive, cross-program sites with wonderful typography. Gridless is worked to be leaner than other grid frameworks and was built considering responsive plans. The Gridless code puts together its way of thinking with respect to the much-discussed mobile-first strategy for making sites that must be conveyed to a huge number of devices environment.


Image Sizer

After setting type, we can proceed onward to handling the issue of putting pictures in our responsive web designs. There’s one tool that should be a part of every responsive web designer’s collection. Fundamentally, Marcotte’s content was intended to ensure your pictures render cleanly in Microsoft Windows. Marcotte’s content does quite a nice job of cleaning up pictures that have been sized down repeatedly by the program.