Flutter is one of the frameworks that has made cross platform applications development much easier to work with along with being faster. Flutter is a software development kit that was introduced by Google in 2018 and is known as one of the best tools to develop an application speedily.

The applications developed through flutter are independent with respect to their platforms. Hence the applications are developed for software’s such as iOS and Android with the provision of a single Codebase. It is possible that the flutter tool has a special design enabling it to create a similar application that works for different platforms.

Apart from this the details, documentation of flutter along with the simplicity of its usage has made its way in the hearts of web developers. It has created a huge help for cross platform development. Flutter is something that is also known for developing and creating difficult APIs of UI in a very easy way because of its intelligent and modern receptive system.

Flutters amazing formats allow developers to create UI animation along with 2D and gesture without any difficulty. In cross platform development, flutter is an amazing tool that is crafted specially to develop, Now a days hipster lingo as ‘boujee’ mobile applications for iOS and Android to meet certain business requirements.
Flutter has many disadvantages such as it being immature.
The first disadvantage is how new the framework actually is. Even though flutter announced the readiness of its production use in May 2018, it has a specific need to be more mature.

Even though there is no certain way of knowing if the framework is going to be a success and so no knowledge for us to find out that where the applications developed with the service of flutter today will be a five to six years from now.

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