Blockchain made prominent revolutionary changes in the world of technology. Many companies took part in its development. We are Known as the best blockchain development company in Los Angeles. Our blockchain developers focus on your needs and transform them into reality based on blockchain technology. Providing a secure and confidential network without the interference of a third party, we have a firm grip on blockchain technology. No matter if your business is a startup or a big enterprise, we are here to serve you with our best blockchain development services. Being one of the best blockchain developers company we are at your service.

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With the increasing global use of blockchain technology in the industries of the world, Hashlogics is working to provide blockchain app development services to its clients in the USA and globally. Apps developed with blockchain are secure and enhance data security and privacy. We take pride in serving you the best quality work for your projects. Share your ideas and let us do the rest for you!
At Hashlogics, we also make sure to provide secure and innovative blockchain software products. Because our team has mastered the skills required for blockchain development. Our blockchain development company has been working with 2+ years of experience. We provide blockchain services include crypto token development, custom blockchain app development, blockchain exchange development, solidity developer, smart contract developer, digital advisory, blockchain consulting, Blockchain adoption services, and many more.


Blockchain Development Services

Hashlogics is a leading Blockchain development company in the USA known for the best Blockchain development. We make sure that you succeed when your idea and our services are combined. We are here to serve you with our quality services to make your presence in the digital world.

Private Blockchain

Private Blockchain is a closed or restricted type of blockchain that is only operated in a restricted network. It is used by organizations where only selected members are allowed. The organization controls the permissions, authorizations, and accessibility. Private Blockchains work faster than other types of blockchains as there are a few members using the blockchain network. It results in faster transactions and they are more scalable and offer maximum privacy. Private Blockchains are used in supply chain management, internal voting, and asset ownership.

Public Blockchains

A public blockchain is a non-restrictive, open ledger system where anyone can sign in and become a part of the blockchain network. Mining, verification of transactions, and access to recording are provided to a node or user of the public blockchain. The most commonly used public blockchains are cryptocurrency some of which most popular are Bitcoin and Etherium. Public blockchains have large networks and users as anyone can join it but they also build trust in the whole community. These blockchains give all nodes and users access to all important aspects building transparency for its users.

Consortium Blockchains

Consortium blockchain which also goes by the name of Federated blockchain is the one that is managed by more than one organization. More than one organization can exchange information in this type of blockchain. It fulfills the need of an organization. That requires the features of both public and private blockchains keeping some aspects of the organization as private and the others as public based on your requirements. Consortium Blockchains are used for the variety of services they offer including more security, customizability, giving access to control resources, and working well with structured governance. A consortium blockchain is commonly used in food tracking, research, and banking.

Semiprivate Blockchains

Semi-private blockchains are commonly known as Hybrid blockchains around the world as it consists of features of both private and public blockchains. It allows organizations to give their users access to selective information or data. The selected information can be accessible for public use while the rest can remain private. A private blockchain can be joined by many public blockchains in a semiprivate blockchain. The transactions made in this type of blockchain are verified within the network. The public blockchain feature in semiprivate blockchain allows the organization to involve more users for verification, enhancing the transparency and security within the network. Semiprivate blockchain allows to change the rules when required, it maintains a closed ecosystem, offers privacy, transparency, and better scalability.

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