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Accelerate your business functions and escalate your revenue streams with the help of a blockchain development company in USA known as Hashlogics. Reach out to us now.  

Blockchain Development Services

Do you want to integrate blockchain technology into your leading business? Hashlogics is an accelerating company with ingenious knowledge of the blockchain. Having more than 10 years of experience in blockchain development services, we have hands-on experience in utilizing emerging technologies to convert your dream ideation into real blockchain solutions. Contact us now!  
Since the inception of blockchain technology, we have been working on the architecture, design, and development of this top-notch peer-to-peer network. We ensure to endeavor transparent, traceable, and fool-proof security features. With this revolutionizing support, we create a system without the involvement of any third party. Ping us to learn more about features that our developed blockchains have.

Hashlogics USA is an excellent choice to choose if you are looking for blockchain system development, blockchain exchange development, crypto token development, custom dapps, and smart contracts development, blockchain wallets, integrated blockchain services, ICO, etc. Get a quote from us to grab an outstanding end product.

How does Hashlogics work?

If you want to develop a blockchain, Solana, ICO, DApps, and Smart Contracts, Hashlogics performs this duty very efficiently. Our main steps of working are presented below.


Our subject matter experts brainstorm and discuss the details of your project to fulfill a company’s objectives and market demand.

Blockchain System Development

Next, a strategy prepares for the blockchain system development that endeavors a temper-proof, and non-modifiable system.

Smart Contracts

Our triggered team utilizes Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Tron technologies for the development of Smart Contracts for our clients.

Crypto Token Development

Hahslogics has core expertise in a comprehensive crypto token development solution that ensures trust, robustness, and security.

Our Particular Blockchain Tech Stack

Our Particular Blockchain Tech Stack

Our professionals develop a blockchain network whose scripts are written in C++. It has memory control and management efficiencies.  Next, we prefer to utilize Solidity that has similarity with a Java language. With its innovative features, it tends to improve blockchain functions.  Having unique algorithms and particular syntax, our developers use Simplicity for the development of smart contracts.  

Types of Blockchain Network

Every industry has different kinds of problems and requires a particular solution. In the blockchain world, variation exists to fulfill the needs of a specific organization in an efficient way. Look at the four prominent types.

Public Blockchain

A public chain is open for all. Anyone can take part in this independent blockchain without taking any permission. It contains transparency and trustful features. Bitcoin and Ethereum are examples. For cryptocurrency and document validations, the public blockchain is perfect. Contact us for its development.

Private Blockchain

Most enterprises tend to utilize private blockchain networks with their facility of permissions. An individual or organization have an access to control all functions and boosts its performance. With lower transaction costs and steller security, it's preferable for you to develop it for your business. Hashlogics can help you in this regard.

Hybrid Blockchain

Scalability, quality performance, and access control are the hallmarks of a hybrid blockchain network. You can keep some functions private and public for participants by adopting a hybrid blockchain model. For real-estate agencies and preparing medical reports, hybrid blockchain is recommended and offered by Hashlogics.

Consortium Blockchain

You can consider a consortium as a semi-private blockchain. It is not fully controlled or not opened. Multiple organizations can work on this shared blockchain network at the same time. Banking, Supply Chain, and Research are the main use-cases of consortium blockchain. Ping us now for consortium blockchain development.

Benefits of Blockchain

With the integration of blockchain technology, you will enjoy the following fantastic benefits.

Greater Transparency

A distributed ledger technology, blockchain keeps the record of transactions transparent in front of all its members.

Boosted Speed

By eliminating the role of traditional methods of handling tasks, such as paperwork, the efficiency of work increases.

Efficient Automation

Blockchain facilitates you by accomplishing hundreds of functions automatically that reduces the chances of errors happenings.

Enhanced Trust

Blockchain discourages the role of third-party. Through its peer-to-peer network capability, it establishes trust between users.

Higher Security

Whenever a transaction happens, its record saves on all computer networks which is difficult to change and remains secure.

cost effective

Eradicating the role of third-party and no need for any documentation is required which makes it cost-effective.

Our Blockchain Development Service Process

Top-Notch Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain has created a surge among business owners and surprised every sector with its exciting support. Look at its main cases.

Real Estate

In real estate, it helps stakeholders to validate documentation, track records, and secure transactions.


It creates a financial ecosystem that is based upon decentralized ledger technology to enhance security.

NFT marketplaces

In the secure trading of digital assets on the NFT Marketplace, blockchain technology plays a vital role.


With blockchain, a digital environment for saving the credentials of all students and verification of their received fees accomplishes.


Detailed information about patients, diagnoses, and finding treatments becomes easy and secure through a blockchain network.


Blockchain drives sales of an insurance company through verified data exchanges, visibility, and faster transactions.


Authentication vote counting, identification voter ID, and winner declaration remain clear with blockchain technology utilization.

ride sharing

The connection between a rider and a customer maintains with extreme efficiency and accuracy through blockchain.

cloud computing

In IT houses, the integration of cloud computing has blockchain technology uses for their smooth functioning.

food chain management

The preservation of food with complete freshness and identification of contamination within seconds is possible with blockchain.

media and entertainment

For entertainment purposes, the license of artists with their work and secure content sharing happens with blockchain.

retail & commerce

Blockchain facilitates keeping track of parcels, accelerates the payment process, and reduces shipping charges.

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